Econet upgrade fitted

Yesterday, I finally got round to fitting the BeebMaster Econet upgrade I bought for my Beeb (number 3 on the “My Micros” page). The process was fairly straight-forward, with most of the time spent on trying to find R46 on the motherboard! This was my first time soldering something outside of practice, so some of the solder joints looks a bit ropey, but it looks like contact is being made on each of the joints, so it should be all good.

I haven’t yet plugged the Beeb into the TV since fitting the upgrade, as I finished at 10.30pm last night and had an early start in the morning. I did, however, plug it into the wall and power it on briefly. The Beeb responded with a “BEEEEEEP-bip”, so it’s looking good.

Edit: It’s alive! I plugged the Beeb into the TV, and pressed N+Break and it came up with “Econet Station 128 No Clock”, so it looks like the upgrade was a success! I won’t be completely sure until I can get the Beeb hooked up to an Econet (which won’t be for a while), but it’s looking promising.