The Domesday Player

A few months ago, I was helping to clear out an old storage room, and amongst the assorted gubbins I came across this:


This is a Philips VP-415 Laservision player, also known as the ‘Domesday Player’. Needless to say, I was excited. This particular player was one of the many components of a Domesday System. The Domesday System consisted of a BBC Master (with a 65C102 co-processor, SCSI interface and video filing system ROM), an Acorn Trackball, a monitor, a remote control and this Laservision player. It was part of the Domesday Project, a project to make a modern version of the Domesday book in celebration its 900th anniversary.

I spoke to the people whose store room I was clearing out about the player, and between us we decided to donate it to the National Museum of Computing. On 17 July 2013, the player arrived safely at the museum, where it will either be used for spare parts to maintain their existing Domesday Systems or put into use as part of a new Domesday System.