My name’s Sam, and I’ve been fascinated by Acorn computers for as long as I can remember.

It all started back in pre-school, where I first saw the BBC Micro. Although it was 1995 by this time, the pre-school I went to had not yet replaced their venerable BBC Micro. This was the first computer I had ever used, and many happy hours were spent playing Podd and Granny’s Garden on that Micro.

Later on, I would encounter an Acorn Archimedes (an A4000/A5000 as I recall) at a youth group I used to go to, and instantly became addicted to Lemmings.

Further down the line, I moved on to standard Windows PCs, however the BBC Micro still held a place in my heart, and I eventually bought my very own in 2011. Incidentally, that was also the time that I discovered that BBC Micros purchased off eBay tend to start spewing smoke everywhere after a short while of use.

I would later go on to buy another BBC Micro in 2012, this time making sure I bought one with a serviced power supply. This has since been donated to my local hackspace for their use.

In January 2014, I bought my third (but definitely not my last) BBC Micro from Retroclinic. This came fitted with a Retroclinic Datacentre, which is an amazing piece of kit, and I absolutely love my new Beeb.

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