Philips VP-415 Laservision Player
Found July 2013


I found this while clearing out an old storage room. It has since been donated to the National Museum of Computing. To read more about this player, click here.

Econet upgrade kit for BBC Micro (Model B)
Purchased January 2014
I purchased an Econet upgrade kit from BeebMaster for my third BBC Micro (the one with the Retroclinic Datacentre in it). This has now been fitted into Beeb #3.

6502 second processor for BBC Micro
Purchased January 2014, Sold in 2016
I purchased this second processor from eBay towards the end of January 2014. According to the seller, one of the capacitors in the power supply has blown. I am hoping that this is a similar problem to the one that occurs with the BBC Micro and that it is easy to fix like the Beeb.

I reluctantly had to sell this in 2016, and I am currently planning to replace it with a PiTubeDirect.