Acorn A5000

I purchased my Acorn A5000 from CJE Micros in February 2014. This model of computer holds a special place in my heart, as it was one of the first computers I ever used.

This computer originally came with a hard drive, however I decided to replace this with an SD card. This was with the help of a SD to IDE adapter which I purchased from (now offline):

The adapter came with an SD card containing a selection of games, which was a nice bonus. Fitting this to the A5000 was fairly simple. I started by removing the hard disk from the system. After this, I had to find a place to mount the adapter. It came with some sticky adhesive pads for fixing it to the system, however I couldn’t find a good place to fit it. Improvisation time!
Thanks to a portion of some cardboard packaging and some Blu-Tack, I now had a surface to mount the adapter to:
Looks like my modern-day monitor doesn’t like my A5000. This one stumped me for quite some time, until I found LCDGameModes created by steve3000 of Stardot forums. Installing this on my A5000 worked a treat, and in no time at all, I was playing Lemmings like a champ!