Beeb #1 – BBC Micro Issue 7 from RetroClinic

IMG_20170508_080604 (1)

This is my favourite Beeb in my collection. It is an issue 7 Beeb which I purchased this from RetroClinic in January 2014. It came fitted with the absolutely incredible RetroClinic DataCentre addon, which allows you to use USB mass storage devices with the Beeb (as well as a number of other awesome features). I also fitted an Econet upgrade to the system (as evidenced by my slightly dodgy soldering job), although when removing the motherboard from the system, I managed to break the BNC video out connector on the back (d’oh!)

In April 2017, I installed an ATPL Sidewise board, which wasn’t without its initial teething problems, but seems to be working well now. Installed in this board from top to bottom going left to right are:

  • RetroClinic CombiROM
  • RetroClinic CombiUtils/RamFS
  • Computer Concepts Inter-Word